Our Story

When we were 14 and 15 years old we started a nonprofit to help people in our community!

On July 1, 2019 Emily received the Junior Citizen of the Year Award for the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury! Upon receiving this great honour we both realized that there was even more we could do to help people in our community.

Every year our local Helping Hand Food Bank gives out Christmas Hampers to their clients. Each Christmas Hamper has everything needed for a Christmas dinner; plus a weeks worth of groceries. We wanted to add to the food banks Christmas Hampers and asked the food bank if we could give away Festive Hampers; explaining every Festive Hampers will have 17 non-perishable, plus pet treats if applicable; whilst taking into consideration specific dietary needs.

Ater the Helping Hand Food Bank said “yes!” to our proposal, we immediately started writing letters to corporate companies asking for food donations. We wrote to almost 100 corporate companies!

That was how A Bradford Christmas was born!

We started to receive corporate donations from our sponsors. In order to purchase the rest of the items for the Festive Hampers, we needed to fundraise. At his point, fundraising became a HUGE part of A Bradford Christmas! We fundraised from August to December completing over 20 fundraisers!

Two days before the Festive Hampers were due two major donations did not come through with their promised donated items. We were pretty shocked and honestly, a little kurfussled!

After we gathered ourselves together, we reached out to a local Bradford business and asked them if they would be willing to donate. They came to our rescue and donated the needed items for the Festive Hampers!!!

We packed all of the Festive Hampers with the help of Mayor Keffer, Town Council, and our friends and in just three hours, 167 Festive Hampers were filled to the top…and then some.

Thanks to the support of our amazing community, on December 19, 2019 we handed out the Festive Hampers. We saw, firsthand, the joy and excitement of all the food bank clients. It was a crazy 16 hour day and definitely one of the best days in A Bradford Christmas history. A day filled with unforgettable memories which we will cherish forever!